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Why Shop With Us?

Why Shop With Us?

Our Mission

“to sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many”.

About 24mixsport

 we are accomplished sportsmen and women, and we love sport. We dream of sharing this enthusiasm with the largest possible number of people. Everything we do centres around the end user. Their satisfaction is our reason for being..

Why Shop With Us?


It’s life itself. It’s about being positive and full of energy.

Being bold, enterprising, adaptable and prepared to change if necessary.
Like taking action.
Play to win and not to lose.


Taking responsibility for myself and playing an active role in my life.

I say clearly what I am going to do, and I do what I say.
I regularly assess the value I create, making sure it grows.
When I make mistakes, I quickly correct them.
I ensure that all stakeholders benefit long-term from my decision-making.


It’s about doing things from the heart and
making myself available to others.

I’m a team player, I help out where necessary.
I share with others everything useful to them.
I consider all stakeholders “as friends”.
I take care of myself and others.
We support each other.

If you want to know more about our company, please contact us at [email protected]


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email: [email protected]

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